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Family Business

Hobby became a business.
Never liked ‘Umbrella’ tours?
Like seeing places in a more local fashion, relaxed, private and flexible?

We give you what appeals to you with a mix of our local life shown through your new ‘prague family’…
willing to have an open mind and a more fulfilling, qualitative, travel experience; then give our alternative approach a try…

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What we are offering

We can do classical basic packages that tour company offers, but prefer not to categorize. We focus on private customized tours based on what You like…

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Clients say

Who we are Stastny!


My name is Joe and although my soul is from here it has been experiencing life and pleasures all over the world.
But to clarify “why I am” or “why to be” a guide…

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Hello, I am Patrik. Circumstances have given me a chance to live in and experience many countries and cultures. That lifestyle has been an amazingly, rewarding, and exciting journey….
With me you travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape you.

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Hi, my name is David. As a proud Prague citizen interested in the local history and culture I started guiding here and I have spent over 6 years doing this job full time

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