Classic Tours

Most people a view on how tours are done traditionally and have certain expectations when doing such a tour. For some this traditional way of touring is their need and so we have created options with regards to this. However, we add our personal family touch to give a new perspective and open up eyes to a different way of touring. One that gives the feeling of being led by a friend at a flexible pace and manner that you want to experience. And the main added bonus is it’s all in the privacy of your group. That way we can adjust the tour to your pace and preferences.


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Our prices are generally lower with regards to the classical aspect of our touring.

The added value that we give to a classical “umbrella” tour is our private tours give the flexibility and ease of touring a city, in a manner as if you were visiting a local friend. We don’t have a strict agenda (We can change starting/finishing times) and things can be adjusted on the go.

You can still see the same things as big company organized tours if you want, but you won’t be herded like sheep and you will have more time to absorb the experience. As time permits one of the ‘family’ will usually spend free time with the group if the group wants it for things like drinks and storytelling after a tour.

Now back up top to the actual standard tours which you can cover in a typical 3-5 day stay of the capital and the country.

Have any questions or special requests?

    2-3 days of unlimited guiding hours set to your interests

    Have any Questions or Special Requests?