Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a good reason to spend 3-5 min reading the FAQ before contacting us. Get a general understanding of the issues you might, saving time, instead of waiting for something that might take a few days

Do it once – be in the loop and things will go quicker and smoother.

Having more advanced questions, focus on the real issues of organizing the tour. Getting to the point with the critical issues.

Obviously if  not clear on some of our answers, we will more than happily respond. Or even better, have a skype call perhaps open a bottle of wine and get to know each other

When is the best time to visit?

Best time is September first week of October. But April to End of October is is all fine. High season is almost all year-round. with only small dips in the winter season.

Are the prices per person or for the group?

The estimated price is for the group based on the number of people you selected in the calculator.

If your groups are only private how much more expensive is it?

They are not, in general.

We are a family business and have a different approach. We know it’s possible to keep the price  at less or at the most the same as big group rates and still have a small private group atmosphere done flexibly and make changes to the itinerary on the spot . The whole reason for our concept is to be able to visit the place and experience things as if you were visiting family. So if there are at least 2 in a group it would still be less or about the same as if you were part of a big group with people you don’t know.

We would like something else other than the tours you offer. Can we change the itinerary?

Of course you can change! That is the whole aim of our approach. That is the core of what we are trying to do. We want to give you what appeals to you with a mix of our local life seen through your new ‘prague family’. We only have tours on our pages to give a suggestion or inspiration of what can be done. That is why costs are only estimated as in general after you contact us we go through what we can do specifically for you and the rates are still lower than big group rates.

What is the difference between your Prague extension and the cruise lines?

In general we can do the same itinerary offered by river cruises for about 40-50% less and in a private format where you are the only ones in the group. It’s set to your wishes with regards to times and things you want to do (all which we can discuss over  email or a skype call).

As a family organization we want to show you a place in a more personal way recommending more with our tours than just the basic commercial way of seeing a place in a quick fashion. Specifics are organized with each group. Suggested tours are more extensive yet estimated prices are less than cruise extensions. We basically give unlimited attention during the 2-3 days; to the extent you want our company.

What if we don’t want the itinerary you give for the Prague extension?

The itinerary for the Prague extension is just a suggestion to give you an impression of what can be done and the price that it can be done for. We can and do changes based on groups requests. Among some we have done are beer tours, hockey practice sessions for amature and national teams and hunting sessions or river raft tours.

What is your cancellation policy?

Every group is determined independently.

In general we require the total paid 30 days prior to arrival; Cancellations made within 30 days are 100% non-refundable.

IF there are no deposits required by our sub suppliers then in some cases we have allowed payment 10-14 days before arrival. With reliable travel agents and based on past experience we have on some occasions allowed other conditions. In a few cases where there is a lot of organizing and planning we have require a deposit 2-3 months before arrival of 15-20% for complicated and unusual requests. We have good ‘family friendships’ with people and work on ‘virtual hand shakes’ so in general things are on a gentlemen’s agreement and payments are workable.

Travel insurance is strongly recommended.

Why Estimated Price?

The estimate is to give a rough idea and to show you that things don’t have to be expensive just because they are private tours.
As we want your experience to be customized to your personality, character and needs, there are always slight adjustments to the itinerary we come up with together. Therefore there are also slight adjustments to price. But in general they should not be far off from the estimate.

Can we pay by credit card?

Yes it’s possible. There are two places to make the payment. Either go to paypal and use their credit card link for payments to ‘HappyGuides’ or go to our FaceBook page (HappyGuides) and there is a link in the left column called ‘CreditCard/Paypal payments’. This will redirect you straight to the credit card link on Paypal.

E-transfer or wire transfer can also be done to our bank account which can be made in Euros, USD, and CAD. Contact us for details.

How safe is Prague?

Obviously anything is possible but, In general it’s about common sense. The worst things that happen are pickpockets.

When do we have to pay by?

In general, 30 days before arrival on some occasions we allow 10-14 days before arrival. In certain cases, we allow cash on arrival in any currency that is changeable in our country.

Do you give head sets to your groups?

Standard is to give head sets if the group is 5 or more people as we try and give you the flexibility to move around while we talk and not have to stand next to the guide the whole time.

How big are your groups?

We do private groups so the only people in the group are people from your party. We like to keep the group to a maximum of 15 but will stretch it to 20 if you want. Over 20 we split the group in 2.

How many days should we spend in Prague?

Depends on what you like to do when visiting a city. The basic stuff can be done in a very long day or 2. Most come for at least 3 full days where we get a chance to give some other experience than just the main attractions. However, we recommend 4-5 days as we will take you to experience other things than just Prague and the tourist area.

Can we pay by Euros?

Yes. You can pay in cash on arrival, e-transfer/wire transfer, PayPal or Credit card. You can also send money to our bank account in CZK, Euros, USD, and CAD.

Can we do some other local tours than what we see on your pages?

Yes these local tours are just some that we have put together in the past to give you an impression of what can be done. Once you contact us we can come up with something specifically for you based on your interests.

Can we book just a city transfer?

Yes but as we focus on giving visitors a personalized experience and feeling part of a family we prefer to do more than just taxi you from A to B. However if all you want is a transfer then of course we will try and accommodate. If nothing else we will hopefully give you a laugh and some pointers while here.

Do you include a hotel price in your tours?

No. But if you want we can organize hotel. In general we give a list of recommendations or if you have a list we can let you know the +/- of the hotels you have found with regards to your needs.

Whats the difference between intense and chill out options?

In one sentence- Intense covers the main tourist areas of Prague, while chill-out give you areas that are more relaxed yet cover most of the main areas through a route that is a bit more relaxed.

The intense option will go through the main areas and cover the main attractions in Prague. It might sound quick but still has enough breaks, and with the private group sizes, to come away with a feeling of having covered Prague in one day yet at a personal pace that suits you.

The chill out option still covers most of the main areas of Prague but through a slightly different route to take you through some areas that you might not see when here on such a short time. It’s meant to be more relaxed and personal, yet give you a general idea and impression of Prague.

Do we have to have drinks and food included in tours?

In some tours we recommend it when there is a bigger group and so I usually quote a price with it. But no, we can set a price without it and you pay as you go. However from past experience that has meant that you lose time while sifting through the menu with everyone in you private group asking questions all at once, and don’t take offense, like children. Often one person asks the same question about the menu offer that has already been answered because they were not listening while looking at the menu. Meals can be discussed while waiting for drinks and food at one place and if we don’t taste something you wanted then we can do it at the next place where we order the things on your behalf to make things go smoother. Also when it comes to paying some forget what they had and what they should pay or tip and it just delays things.

2-3 days of unlimited guiding hours set to your interests

Have any Questions or Special Requests?