Pre-Planned Tours

Pre-Planned Tours: Classic, Convenient, and Completely Captivating

Explore the wonders of Prague with our Pre-Planned Tours, where every detail is crafted for your convenience and delight. These tours embody the classic style of exploration, offering a seamless and stress-free
experience for those who prefer to have everything arranged in

Effortless Exploration

From the moment you land, let us take care of you. Our services can include airport pickups, ensuring a smooth start to your journey. As you delve into the heart of Prague, our Pre-Planned Tours unfold a carefully curated itinerary that covers both the iconic landmarks and the hidden secrets of the city.

Tour with a Local Friend

Imagine touring not with a guide, but with a friend who calls Prague home. This is the essence of our Pre-Planned Tours. Our guides are locals passionate about sharing the true spirit of their city. They’ll take you beyond the tourist trails, unveiling secret spots and sharing
stories that only locals know.

A Friendly, Informative Experience

Forget the monotonous ‘read from a book’ lectures. Our tours are
conversational, interactive, and filled with personal stories and insights. We ensure that the history and culture of Prague are presented in an engaging, friendly manner, making your journey both informative and enjoyable.

Flexibility in Every Step

While our Pre-Planned Tours have a set itinerary, we understand the
importance of flexibility. Time is not a constraint but a guideline. We’re happy to adjust the pace and focus of the tour according to your interests and needs. Whether you want to linger at a sight or add an unplanned detour, we’re here to make it happen.

Discover Prague’s Many Facets

With our Pre-Planned Tours, you’ll
experience the full spectrum of Prague – from its majestic castles and historic squares to charming cafes and vibrant street art. Each tour is a blend of the famous and the undiscovered, giving you a comprehensive and authentic experience of the city.

Embark on a journey where
convenience meets charm, and every step is a discovery. Our Pre-Planned Tours are more than just sightseeing; they’re an invitation to fall in love with Prague, its stories, and its heartbeat.

Ready for a Hassle-Free Adventure in Prague?

Let Happy Guides lead the way.

Contact us to book your Pre-Planned Tour and experience the best of Prague without the stress of planning.

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Our prices are generally lower with regards to the classical aspect of our touring.

The added value that we give to a classical “umbrella” tour is our private tours give the flexibility and ease of touring a city, in a manner as if you were visiting a local friend. We don’t have a strict agenda (We can change starting/finishing times) and things can be adjusted on the go.

You can still see the same things as big company organized tours if you want, but you won’t be herded like sheep and you will have more time to absorb the experience. As time permits one of the ‘family’ will usually spend free time with the group if the group wants it for things like drinks and storytelling after a tour.

Now back up top to the actual standard tours which you can cover in a typical 3-5 day stay of the capital and the country.

Have any questions or special requests?

    2-3 days of unlimited guiding hours set to your interests

    Have any Questions or Special Requests?