More than walking in heards listening to dates & names. We have tour sections accommodating individual needs. Focusing on ease, flexibility & chilled out fun with friends. And to top it of we are able to do it all as affordable private tours giving you the special attention that your individuality needs, to make it a memorable time the way a holiday should be.

Come home with more than just pictures and a ‘broken CD recording’ of History

– Local tours…. custom made to your preferences.
– Classic tour… comfort private and familiarity of standard tours.
– Events… Custom made activities for your group
– Cruise Extension…Check our alternative to cruise line extensions
– Other places … more than just Prague
– Transfers…Be happily surprised of alternative for direct transfers


Classic Tours

Called classical tours they are far from the herded classical "umbrella" tours. We run a family business giving a family atmosphere in a private setting. Tours are less “organized” having a very relaxed personal approach to your needs

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Tailor Made Tours

Our specialty! Give us  your interest, personality; and we will use your dreams, and our creativity to create unforgettable memories that you will share at gatherings or nostalgic meetings with your fellow travelers:)

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Cruise Extension Tours

See Prague & Country from a local perspective in a private setting accommodated to your personal preferences and flexibility at anytime of the tour. We think you will be pleasantly surprised what you can get for the price.

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Local Tours

We have created Local tours specifically on past demand to give you some inspiration...possibilities are only limited to your imagination and our creativity

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Other places to see

There is more to The Czech Republic than just Prague

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City Transfers

Our city transfers are more than just going from point A to point B.

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