Anthropoid tour

Visit the key places and relive the events around the assassination of Hitler’s right hand man Reinhard Heydrich whose base was in Prague.

Anthropoid was the mission that the Allies came up with to assassinate one of Hitler’s most brutal men. The bloody terror, introduced to the region of Bohemia and Moravia in the fall of 1941 by Reinhard Heydrich, did not go unnoticed. A group called ANTHROPOID was parachuted into what was Czechoslovakia with the task to assassinate Heydrich. After months of observing Heydrich’s movements, On May 27 1942, Czechoslovak paratroopers went ahead with the plan and successfully killed Heydrich. They eliminated from the World not only the butcher of the Czech nation, but also a man who was an architect of the Holocaust.

On this tour you will see the place where Heydrich lived, you will see where he was killed, the crypt where the Czechoslovak paratroopers fought their last battle against the nazis and the headquarters of Prague’s gestapo where Czech resistance members were interrogated and tortured.

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