Beer tour

Most typical alternative tour one does when visiting Prague.  Czech Republic is famous for it’s beers having introduced the word Pilsner to the world.

Takes you closer to the local culture, very informal and opens people up, mixing laugher and cultures together.

What better way to go with a local and see unusual places and out of  the main tourist routes, giving people a chance to taste some of the excellent beer along with new local ‘hidden’ brands which is some of the best. It allows people to talk about other things than just hearing historical dates and names of dead people both of which they will most likely never remember.

The tour includes: Czech-made beers accompanied by traditional beer snacks will turn your evening into a truly authentic experience

138 EUR per person

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Group of minimum 1 persons are required to book this

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    • Local Tours, Pre-Planned Tours

Minimum persons to book: 1

Package Duration: 4-5 Hours