Biking through the alps

Biking through the alps is a great way to see scenery you won’t notice or feel through a drive in the country. And it doesn’t have to be done the old traditional way. With electrical bikes it can be done by those who are not used to riding.

We spend anywhere from 4-8 days doing a new area every day. We are usually based out of one location.

Every Morning after breakfast a bus will take you and your bike up a new valley to a high point. From there we take a scenic ride down hill (with only a few inclines) back to the hotel or to a point where the bus will pick us up. In general we cover between 40-70 km every day of some breathtaking views. And don’t worry it is not a race the distances can be adjusted. What’s most important is to enjoy and soak up the scenery.

Along the way we stop at our own leisure for lunch. Enjoying the view while having one of several breaks for coffee/beer and possible dessert.

During the rides we tell you about the region and stop at places to try/buy some of their specialties.

Having your own bike is recommended but we can always work something out.

Contact us and we will work up a trip that suits your needs with regards to region, capabilities, interests and standards.

50 EUR per person

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Minimum persons to book: 1

Package Duration: 3-5 Days