Budapest ↔ Prague

Doing a road transfer from Budapest to/from Prague is so much more convenient, hassle free and quicker than taking a flight. We pick you up and take you from door to door in a private transfer that takes about 5h. No airport hassles. Get in the car at your hotel and get out at the next hotel.

However we do have 2 alternatives to a direct transfer which makes the trip more enjoyable if you have the time and want to see something more that The Czech Republic can offer. Why not stop in the Lednice region for a wine tour and lunch?
Or Cesky Krumlov a UNESCO heritage town which reminds you of a Disney set with its windy narrow roads.
Click on ‘select stopover city’ above to the calculator on the right, to get the costs for these options.

370 EUR per person

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Group of minimum 1 persons are required to book this

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    • City Transfers

Minimum persons to book: 1

Package Duration: 5 Hours