Family & Friends tours

What better way to remember and share good moments than trips done with family and friends. Organizing a flight and hotel is the easy part. Creating a program, itinerary, or event at a destination one doesn’t know anything about is something different.

Below are snapshots sent to us from our new ‘friends’ that have nostalgic meaning to our friendship. On your own you might do many of the things but with the experience and knowledge of a local giving a helping hand, things become so much more of value.

What most want to do is to see something that is typical for the place such as christmas markets, historical buildings, whale watching, adventures,traditional dances/ceremonies… But also something more close to their heart – how locals and their families live and what they do in their country; how they see and react with regards to cultural differences.

We won’t overwhelm you. As we help plan the itinerary we focus on how we would want to see and feel the tour; with ease, flexibility, comfort and privately toured in the hands of a person who treats us like their own family. Leave the logistics and pleasing, of various members expectations, of the group, to us.

Let us help you create a memorable event.

100 EUR per person

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Group of minimum 1 persons are required to book this

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Minimum persons to book: 1

Package Duration: 3-8 Days