Jewish quarters

The Jewish Quarter, here known as Josefov, is quite small in size (2 ha which is equal to the Old Town Square’s size), but it is rich in sites, havings 4 synagogues!
The Old New Synagogue is the most famous structure here. It’s probably the oldest existing synagogue in the world which is still an active orthodox house of prayer. We can visit it every day except of Jewish Holidays (e.g. Sabbat) as well as the other synagogues, such as, Pinkas Synagogue which is the local major memorial to Czech Jewish victims of holocaust. Or the Prague Jewish Museum, rich in amazing collections of Jewish silver or textile works and many other examples of cultural phenomenons of Jewish culture and traditions.
Or include a visit to the Old Jewish Cemetery or Robert Guttmann Gallery. See a statue of Franz Kafka, the well-known Prague Jewish writer and author of Metamorphosis. Josefov has been quite recently completely redeveloped, and has a plentitude of stories; such as coexistence between Christians and Jewish in Prague for more than 1000 years. Pinkas Synagogue is the local major memorial to Czech Jewish victims of holocaust.

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