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On our Krakow transfer we like to take a stop in Kutna Hora for you to get to see something else other than just a wasted transfer day. We would arrive in Prague around 5pm and after a quick fresh up we could do a short orientation tour or sit down and discuss any possible alternative tours of Prague if you would like our services.

Kutna Hora’s, mysteries include cathedrals, monasteries, noblemen’s houses, mysterious corners, vaulted cellars and gems of Gothic and Baroque architecture.

It was a silver town, whose silver mining wealth helped the Czech kingdom to flourish. See the Czech Museum of Silver where you learn about local silver mining and you will pass – equipped only with a lamp, helmet and miner’s tunic – through the 250-metre tunnel of a medieval mine.

Visit the Italian Court, once the palace of King Wenceslas IV, which served as the central mint and the seat of Czech kings.

Stand beneath the arches of the Church of St Barbara, one of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals in Europe. Or alongside the Church of St Barbara, the historical hearth of the town is the Cathedral of the Ascension of Our Lady and St John the Baptist, which is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

And make sure you don’t leave without descending with bated breath into an ossuary of a Cistercian monastery, taking in with a mixture of awe and unease its altars, coats of arms, chandeliers, pyramids and obelisks made from the bones of plague victims

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