Multi day river raft/canoe ride

One of the most common traditional Czech past times. Paddling through the country side.

It is so popular that many times you can find friends who happen to be on the same river. People do anywhere from 2-7 day trips. We recommend at least an overnight trip to get the basic feel (but one day trip are also possible). Along the way we soak up the quiet calm flowing river meandering through the countryside and time slows down almost to a stand-still. We get to see castles and weirs and many small villages where we stop for a beer or two along with lunch. Almost like drive throughs we pull up the canoes right to the outdoor seating and enjoy a deserved break. There are several rivers to choose from depending on the duration and time of the year. Sometimes we bring a keg along in a raft and tap our own beer at our leisure. We can overnight in B&B’s or hotels or for those who really want the local life in camp grounds with an evening life full of laughter open fires and guitar playing

Includes raft/canoe, transfers, accomodation. Price is estimated for 2 days and depends on your preferences

925 EUR per person

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Group of minimum 1 persons are required to book this

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    • Local Tours, Pre-Planned Tours

Minimum persons to book: 1

Package Duration: 2-5 Days