Plzeň (Pilsen)

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Pilsen ranks among one of the largest cities in the Czech Republic. Centuries long history of Pilsen is reflected in spectacular buildings of the historical city centre. You can admire the Gothic St Bartholomew’s Cathedral, the City Hall built in the Renaissance style, the Great Synagogue and many beautiful historical municipal houses, museums and galleries. The centre is surrounded by green parks and nice restaurants and cafes.

Pilsen and beer belong inseparably together. Pilsner Urquell, the light bottom-fermented lager is well known all around the world. One of the best beers in the world is not only offered for tasting here but you can also discover the secrets of its history and production by going on a brewery tour.

In 2016 the Czech tradition of puppeteering was recorded to the list of the UNESCO Cultural Heritage. The city of Pilsen with its long history of puppet production was the birth place of several famous Czech puppeteers as well as puppets.

In the 1930’s the world-wide known architect Adolf Loos created in Pilsen several luxurious apartment interiors. Four of the apartment interiors were recently reconstructed and they are now accessible for public in commented guided tours which is rather a unique experience on the European scale.


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