Regensburg ↔ Prague
Via Karlovy Vary

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about 8h

Karlovy Vary is a great alternative route to/from Prague. We would arrive in Prague around 4.30pm.

With its 12 hot healing springs and famous spring gushing up to 15 metres into the air is the real jewel in the crown of Czech spas.

The Czech Republic is interwoven with healing springs. Poděbrady in Central Bohemia, Moravia’s Luhačovice,  and Janské Lázně in the north of the country.

Legend has it that the now world-famous spa spring was discovered in the 14th century when the hunting party of king and emperor Charles IV happened upon it.

It is hard to resist Karlovy Vary’s carefree spirit and the sense of stately calm on the promenade that runs between the splendid facades of grand houses and colonnades richly decorated with columns. Knowing that Peter the Great, Marie Theresa, Bach, Goethe, Casanova and Beethoven have taken the waters here just adds to the experience.

You will discover another of the town’s attractions if, as well as its health-giving waters, you try Becherovka, the famous local herb liqueur. Ascending a spa trail through woods to a height above the town and seeing it laid out deep beneath you is equally enchanting. Karlovy Vary will find a place in your heart and make you want to visit again and again.

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