Tram (street car) tour including visit to Public Transport Museum

Tram is the oldest mean of public transport in Prague since 1891. We have 26 day lines which all go through the city centre, but no regular line do an attractive circuit. That is the reason why we offer our exclusive service.

We take a private special tram (streetcar) tour just for you, with your own bar including drinks and local specialties along the way, going from the most famous depot in Prague, Vozovna Stresovice passing most of the  interesting places in the city.

The depot is also attractive for the Museum of Public Transport in Prague and you can have a break at the popular pub with beer garden. We can tailor a tram tour including visit to the museum, refreshment or dinner at the pub, refreshment on the tram and live commentary on the tram. We can break the tour up and have lunch along the way in one of many local joints.

440 EUR per person

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Group of minimum 1 persons are required to book this

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    • Local Tours, Pre-Planned Tours

Minimum persons to book: 1

Package Duration: 2-3 Hours