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One of the most beautiful historic towns in Europe, included on the UNESCO list of world cultural and natural heritage sites, located in South Bohemia. Has been described by many as a Disney movie set.

Its labyrinth of narrow and mysterious medieval alleyways has grown up within the grip of uncompromising rocky slopes. The Gothic town of alchemist and stonemasons, aristocrats, crowned with a beautiful Renaissance chateau – the largest in the Czech republic outside Prague – is full of mysterious magic and secrets. The winding alleyways running from the charming square shaped by the river Vltava, meandering through a town, crossed by its many bridges.

Arrive in Prague or Vilshofen/Passau in the late afternoon around 5-5.30pm. In Prague after arrival and a quick fresh up we could take you to a beautiful restaurant with traditional food to eat and help you with any enquiries you might have or just leave you to do your own exploring.

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