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Our passion for adventure and exploration has given us the opportunity to experience a variety of activities and events.

We have seen all manners of cultures and societies. Met intriguing people with interesting insight during conversations on parts that affect our lives such as traditions, politics, religion and beliefs. The world is amazing and impressive; allowing us to look at our own lives and how we live; seeing what we take for granted. Events and travel has truly enriched us.

This has given us a better understanding, allowing us to get out of the box, creating more meaningful events and experiences than just the typical photoshop travel holiday found on websites. Aim is to make travel something more than just seeing something new. Creating personal connection with places and people, enrich us and make us grow; changing us as a whole. Come home with more than just pictures.

Below is just a small sample to give inspiration of the variety of things that can be done.

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These are just a few events to show the variety of things that can be done. Like we said limitations are only your imagination and our creativity.  Get in touch with us and lets discuss other possibilities.

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