Who We Are?

Typical Umbrella tour can be overwhelming with names and dates; forgotten at the next corner. Or it can be presented by remembering names and dates through personal experiences.

Based on personal preferences, we give you various blends of collected ‘spices’ savioring in those small doses of experience to maximizing your stay and memories. To connect you to Prague and this region differently than just repeating dates and having a herd of sheep following us, which is not a way to experience life.

Touring is not our job… it is a pleasurable social experience


Hello, I am Patrik. Circumstances gave me a chance to experience and live in many countries and cultures. That lifestyle has been an amazingly, rewarding, and exciting journey. I want people to enjoy a different way of seeing a place than just an ‘on the surface’ umbrella tour.

My main passion is to create memorable events or journeys and not another tour that you just tick of your bucket list. Both here and abroad (to the many places I know) aimed at your private groups specific interests. For you to get a better experience of the places you visit by connecting the regions specialities with your personality and character.

With me you travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape you.


My name is Joe and although my soul is from here it has been experiencing life and pleasures all over the world. But to clarify “why I am” or “why to be” a guide. I believe that most people travel for joy and it does not hurt if they also get some knowledge. In order to keep this “joy” and this “knowledge” as long as possible, I think it is necessary to associate them with the places they visit with places they already know.

Tour with me and I will tell you why the universe originated here in Prague.


Hi, my name is David. As a proud Prague citizen interested in the local history and culture I started guiding here and I have spent over 6 years doing this job full time; On the side I also work at the infocenter in the city center. This has all taught me a lot about Prague and also something about people visiting my city. Everyone is a unique person, some people want to see all the famous sights and get detailed information about them. Others, want to just have a relax stroll around town seeing and hearing some basic stuff. That’s why I prefer a more personal approach with my groups. I am always ready to tell historical facts mixed up with legends and jokes. I love to discover places off the beaten path in the city and I often combine walking with using public transportation to get more local and to see even more. And when I have time, then I take a car or train to discover more from the rest of our beautiful Czech Republic.

2-3 days of unlimited guiding hours set to your interests

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